Typescript is not different language, it’s a flexible superset of javascript with ways to describe optional data types. All standard and valid JavaScript is also valid Typescript. Basic benefit of using typescript are to catch more errors during development and make it easier to work with your code bases.

As soon as you add the Typescript compiler or plugin to your code, there is immediate safety and productivity benefits. Typescript alert you to misspelled functions and properties, detect passing the wrong types of arguments or the wrong number of arguments to functions, and provide smarter autocomplete suggestions.

Let’s have a…

If you are new to React.js then you must be in dilemma why to use react for your web application. Here’s the answer for your confusion.

After the uses of javascript have increased in recent years, we have multiple options available in market such as angular.js, vue,js etc . Then why React ?

Why Learn ReactJS?

ReactJS offers graceful solutions to some of front-end programming’s most persistent issues, allowing you to build dynamic and interactive web apps with ease. It’s fast, scalable, flexible, powerful, and has a robust developer community that’s rapidly growing.

Let’s explore some key reasons to use…

The online payment service (PayPal), shares the same opinion as Google (google has proposed to use new tags to replace iframe. According to google, this is the new Web platform API that aims to make loading and navigating web pages easier by streamlining the user browsing experience on your site.). However, Paypal wants to improve iframe, so PayPal engineers developed Zoid, a graphical JavaScript library, to complement the performance of iframes. According to Daniel Brain, an engineer at PayPal, Zoid adds interesting features to iframes.

Here we goes with React and Zoid

React is perfect for creating isolated components, on…

Learn Polymer

What is Polymer?

Polymer is an open source javascript library for building web applications using web components, designed to assist developers in building web APIs. Polymer can create custom elements and bring web component support to browser with the help of polyfills and sugar and is based on a well-known Shadow DOM concept and properties. Developers from google and github are continuing to add to the library.

Short History

Polymer Project was started as an experiment in 2012 to embed web developers right inside chrome team, the goal was to tighten the feedback loop between developers building on the web and the engineers…

Objectives and key results(OKR) is a popular technique for setting goals within organization. It’s main usage is to connect company, team and personal objectives to get measurable results. OKR method is used by companies like google, Linkedin, twitter etc to help manage their team to reach their goals.

OKR Structure

OKR has very simple structure. There are two parts
1) Objectives : Objectives are long term goals
2) Key Results: Key Results are the way to accomplish objected jobs. It should be quantifiable, achievable and lead to objective grading.

OKR result can be based on growth, performance of revenue or engagement. For…

MobX vs Redux

State management in React has been a topic of discussion in JavaScript. Both MobX and Redux are open-source client-side state management libraries, describes UI as a function of state. There is no relation of these libraries with React but they both work well with React. So react provide mechanism to render using virtualDOM whereas MobX and Redux provides mechanism to synchronize application state with React Components.

Redux is a kind of derivation of flux architecture. There is a concept of single store and uses pure functions.

Figure: Redux

MobX is a battle tested library that makes state management simple…

Protocol Buffer is the mechanism for serializing structured data. The characters such as { }, [ ], “, , are used in JSON objects which are not data, even though we are trying to send and receive those characters. Protobuf are unreadable and does not use such characters. Hence, minimize the payload which we are trying to send or receive of around 40–50% or even more.

Let’s start Protobuf by createing .proto file.

let’s take a basic and simple example. …

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